Yuhka Nagai (violinist)

Melody experiments what is going on in the body with gentle touches on certain spots and in slow motions. It was an amazing experience to know the tendency of the movements. Also I was a kind of refreshment in my mind after the session.

Thank you, Melody!

Catherine Chang

As an aspiring musician who plays the piano, violin and flute and leading a somewhat busy lifestyle, I am often required to move my body in different ways, for sometimes an extended period of time. As a result, I regularly find certain areas of me that get ‘stuck’ in a certain position, and I find myself not being able to move freely and comfortably to make the most of my practice sessions with each instrument (playing the piano is not fun when your body is set in a violin position!) However, after a Feldenkrais session with Melody, I can feel my body being re-set. The work she does on me makes me feel more grounded and connected throughout my body, so I am not moving anything in isolation. It also helps me on a spiritual level – during the session, I am able to recollect my thoughts in my busy life, and often think of solutions to problems I haven’t been able to solve prior. I have such an improved mindset coming out of these sessions which helps me to concentrate better doing everyday activities. Melody’s wisdom and experience transcends from just these Feldenkrais sessions – she gives me tips and tricks that I can input in the comfort of my own home to help me to not feel as ‘stuck’. Instead of compromising and playing in a certain position for each instrument, I am able to synergise movements for all of these instruments through Melody’s sessions, which at the end of the day, helps me to make better music for myself, and for others to appreciate. Thank you Melody!

Annabel Yu

Feldenkrais is the best thing I did for my body and has improved my way of living. Melody is extremely patient and caring during our time together, I look forward to seeing her every time. My body moves more effortlessly and feels more free thanks to Melody!